Register with us as a New Patient

We would be delighted to welcome you to the practice if you are not currently registered and live within our practice boundaries. We will ask you to complete our registration forms, you will need to bring at least two forms of identification with you, one form of photographic identification such as a driving licence or passport and evidence of your address. If you are unable to provide photographic identification please provide 3 forms of identification. (Please refer to our registration policy below) .

We will then arrange for your medical records to be transferred from your previous practice. Your medical records may take several weeks to arrive at the Practice.

Practice Boundaries

  • Dewsbury Town Hall
  • Reindeer Inn, Overton
  • Addingford and Horbury to the M1 Motorway bridge

The blue shaded area shows the boundary and the black line shows our Outer Boundary – this means that patients who are currently registered with us and move into the outer boundary area may remain registered with us if they choose. However we do not accept new patients in the Outer Boundary area.

We are unable to register, or keep patients on our list, who live outside of this area. If you need to re-register you can find an list of General Practices in your area from West Yorkshire Central Services Agency on telephone number: 0113 295 2500.

Download the forms

Please download and complete all of the forms below. Then take them to the practice in person with proof of identity and also proof of your address.

Registration Policy

Please note, we will not be able to register you if, you reside outside our catchment area. 

Application to register can be made by the patient or patient’s representative (e.g. parent, local authority, voluntary organisation etc) and that their details, are recorded on the registration form).

Anybody in England may access primary care services at a GP practice without charge. No documents are required to register with a GP; however, to facilitate the registration process we would request that two forms of identification are produced, ideally if possible, one should be photographic, and one must contain your address. You maybe asked to sign a practice form to give your permission for us to retain these documents with your electronic patient record. 

These documents maybe be used to confirm your details with our local Health Authority, if further information is requested by them.This also helps to ensure the correct matching of your details to any existing NHS record, enabling previous medical records to transfer smoothly between practices. We appreciate your assistance in this matter.

If you are unable to provide any documentation, then we will still register you, however we may need to contact our registration department first, to verify your information with them. This will normally involve a phone call between you, our registration department, and ourselves.

If you have any questions regarding NHS entitlement, or our registration policy please contact the Practice Manager.

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